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The LPC mailing list is intended for communication about Libertarian Party business in California, including topics relating to the state organization, the relationship between the state organization and the region/county organizations, and topics that apply to LP activities statewide.

"Libertarian Party business" means topics relating to the LP as an organization, not political philosophy or activities that would be equally of interest to non-LP libertarians (see "related lists" below).

The topics discussed here will primarily be of interest to LP officers and volunteers at the state or regional level, but any interested LP member, or even non-member, is welcome to participate as long as contributions are on topic.


In order to facilitate the selection of messages by users who may not be interested in following all of the discussion, each LPC message is assigned to a "category" as follows.

LPCnews and announcements of overall interest
LPC-EXCOMcopies of discussion among Executive Committee members
LPC-CAMPcampaigns for public office
LPC-LOCALlocal activities
LPC-MEM Membership Committee
LPC-PLANStrategic Planning Committee
LPC-PLATPlatform issues
LPC-PROGProgram issues
LPC-PROPpropositions / ballot measures
LPC-MISCany other discussion about LP business in California

Subscribers may specify which categories are included in their subscriptions, except that the main "LPC" news and announcements category will be sent to all subscribers. By default, subscriptions will include all categories except LPC-PLAN. (Also, Executive Committee members will not be sent LPC-EXCOM since they will have received those messages previously). Users must specifically request LPC-PLAN.


To post a message, that is, to send a message that will be distributed to subscribers, send it to:
LPC@dehnbase.orgfor news/announcements only
LPC-CAMP@dehnbase.orgfor discussion of campaigns
LPC-LOCAL@dehnbase.orgfor discussion of local activities
LPC-MEM@dehnbase.orgfor Membership Committee discussion
LPC-PLAN@dehnbase.orgfor Strategic Planning discussion
LPC-PLAT@dehnbase.orgfor discussion of the LPC Platform
LPC-PROG@dehnbase.orgfor discussion of the LPC Program
LPC-PROP@dehnbase.orgfor discussion of propositions
LPC-MISC@dehnbase.orgfor messages about any other aspect of LP business in California
Each message should be posted under one category only -- i.e., there should be no "cross-posting" across categories.

No messages should be sent to "". Executive Committee members should post to the ca-excom address if their comments relate to Executive Committee business; for other topics they should use the corresponding category name (e.g., LPC-CAMP, LPC-LOCAL) in the same way as anybody else.


To subscribe or to cancel your subscription, send your request to:

If your e-mail address changes, or you are going to be unable to receive e-mail for an extended period, please send a message to requesting a change or cancellation of your subscription. Please be aware of limits your Internet provider may put on your mailbox size and read your messages frequently enough to avoid "mailbox full" conditions.

If your e-mail address appears to have become invalid, your subscription will be cancelled. If messages cannot be delivered to you due to a persistent "mailbox full" condition, your subscription may be reduced to the news and announcements category only. In either case, to request resumption of regular delivery when the situation has been corrected, simply send a message to the request address.


Official announcements from the LP of California intended for public distribution are posted to "". All LPC subscribers should either be subscribed to that list or be following those announcements in some other way, so such announcements should not be reposted here.

Messages which contain announcements of general interest to libertarians in California should be sent to "".

Discussion of national LP business, or topics relating to the relationship between the national LP and its state affiliates or otherwise applicable to LP organizations anywhere in the country, should be conducted using "".

In addition, there may be libertarian announcement or LP business lists for your local area or region. Refer to the listings at or check with your region organization.

Please choose the most appropriate list for your message, so it will get to the people who are most interested in it, and not bother people who aren't.

Please do not routinely cross-post messages from other lists. In exceptional circumstances this may make sense, but if you find yourself tempted to post a lot of messages from some other list because you think they would be of interest to LP activists in California, please instead just post a note telling how to subscribe to the other list and let people decide for themselves whether they want to receive the messages.



News and announcements relating to the Libertarian Party in California overall. Discussion of items posted here should be conducted under one of the other categories.


News and discussion relating to Libertarian campaigns for public office.


LP activities relating to propositions / ballot measures.

Examples of appropriate topics:

  • LP activities in support of (or opposition to) current propositions
  • cooperation between proposition sponsors, allied special interest groups, and LP organizations
  • potential LP sponsorship/organization of future propositions


LP business at the local level, other than campaigns and propositions. "Local" means at the county/region level or below.

Examples of appropriate topics:

  • techniques for successful local meetings (central committee meetings, supper clubs, speaker meetings, etc.)
  • recruiting volunteers for local activities
  • organizing at the city, zipcode, or precinct level
  • membership/registration promotion techniques that can be used at the local level
  • interacting with local media
  • dealing with county voter registrars and other local officials


Proposals for amending the state Platform. This is intended to provide for consideration of actual concrete wording, not for abstract discussion of libertarian concepts. Discussion should focus on how to present a position, not on what is the proper libertarian view -- adherents of each of several alternative views may wish to discuss and perfect language representing those views for consideration at the convention. Participants should be familiar with the current Platform.


Proposals for the state Program.


Discussions of the Membership Committee.


Discussions of the Strategic Planning Committee. (Subscriptions to this category are by request only. This committee is currently not active.)


Copy of discussions among members of the state Executive Committee.


Discussion of any topic relating to the LPC or to LP organizations statewide other than those for which there is a separate specialty category.

Examples of appropriate topics:

  • state bylaws and policies
  • membership, registration, and publicity efforts at the state level
  • relationships between the regional organizations and the state level
  • campaigns for party office at the state level
  • LPC budget / finances
  • the state convention

Discussion of Libertarian Party business necessarily involves consideration of many topics which are also covered by other mailing lists. The emphasis of messages posted here should always be on how these topics relate to what Libertarian Party organizations are doing. For example: LPC-CAMP is for discussion of LP campaigns, not all the issues of public policy that may happen to come up in campaigns.

And although LPC-MISC is "MISC", remember that it too is still "LPC". This category is not intended as a general libertarian discussion forum. All messages in all categories should still meet the basic LPC criteria of "LP business" and "California".

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