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The LPSC mailing list provides for communication about Libertarian Party business in Santa Clara County (Region 43 of the LP of California).

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"Libertarian Party business" means topics relating to the LP as an organization, not political philosophy or activities that would be equally of interest to non-LP libertarians (see "related lists" below).


An announcements-only subscription provides occasional messages concerning upcoming events or other important LP activities. This is a very low-volume service, normally averaging only about one message per month.


LPSC-MISC provides an open forum for discussion of LP business in Santa Clara County. The topics discussed here will primarily be of interest to LP officers and volunteers in Santa Clara County, but any interested LP member, or even non-member, is welcome to participate as long as contributions are on topic.

To post a message, that is, to send a message that will be distributed to all subscribers, send it to:

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Use the quick subscription change form at the top of this page, or send a note to:

Be sure to indicate whether you want just the important announcements, or the announcements and discussion.


An online archive of messages is available. This archive is experimental and currently contains only messages from approximately the past three months.

Related Lists

Messages which contain announcements of general interest to libertarians should be sent to "" if they would be of interest to libertarians statewide, or "" if they would only be of interest in the Bay Area.

Discussion of national LP business, or topics concerning the relationship between the national LP and its state affiliates or otherwise applicable to LP organizations anywhere in the country, should be conducted using ""; discussion about state party business should be conducted using "".

To summarize:

messages of general interest to libertarians ca-libertyba-liberty
discussion of LP businessLPUS[-xxxx]LPC[-xxxx]LPSC-MISC

Please choose the most appropriate list for your message, so it will get to the people who are most interested in it, and not bother people who aren't.

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