Square Dance Tutorial

Guided Tour of A-1

Table of Contents
Formations and Positions
Same But Different
Not All That Different
New But Simple to Describe
New Big Calls
Where to Go From Here
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This is a "tour" of the A-1 program of Modern Western Square Dancing. It will give you an overview of the kinds of calls contained in the program, and help you figure out if and how you want to learn this program.

This guide, by itself, will not teach you everything you need to know to dance A-1. But it can be used as an introduction or for review. It can also be used along with other material for someone who is trying to learn A-1 by self-study.

This is not intended as a reference document, nor is it intended as the curriculum for a live class. This guide is organized primarily by how similar A-1 calls are to ones that a dancer will already be familiar with from Basic, Mainstream, and Plus. It is intended to be read in that order. Links are provided to reference material for readers who want to learn more.