Square Dance Tutorial

Guided Tour of A-1

Table of Contents
Formations and Positions
Same But Different
Not All That Different
New But Simple to Describe
New Big Calls
Where to Go From Here
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If you took the whole tour and got to this point, congratulations!

If you previously learned A-1, and found that all the material here was familiar to you, then you can probably try dancing it. If most of it was familiar but there were just a few calls that you don't remember, you may want to find someone who can provide a "walk through" of those calls before trying to do an actual A-1 tip. If it all seems familiar but you are fuzzy on a lot of calls, an accelerated class may provide the sort of review that you need.

If you had no previous exposure to A-1 and found the kinds of calls described here interesting, you may want to take a class. If you found everything easy to understand (even if you don't feel ready to actually do the calls), you are probably a good candidate for an accelerated class. If you liked what you saw and it looked like something you could learn, but you found many things confusing, or if you simply prefer to learn by having each call explained by an instructor with plenty of time to practice each one, then you probably will want to take a standard class.

If you are taking a self-study approach, now is the time to go back and take a look at some of the calls in more detail. Pay special attention to the calls with the reference links marked in yellow - these are the calls for which there are important cases or features that are not mentioned in this guide. You should read the notes and study the diagrams on those reference pages (from ceder.net, or in the hardcopy Ceder Chest book) before considering your understanding of these calls sufficient to dance them.

Whichever path you take, have fun dancing!