Square Dance Tutorials

Table of Contents

Quick Tutorial Series

These provide an introduction to the most common applications of an individual call. They don't explain or illustrate all the cases, but they provide links to pages that provide additional details and animations of other cases, for people who want to know more.
Acey Deucey
Alamo Rings
All 8 Circulate
All 8 Spin the Top
Allemande Left
Any Hand
As Couples
Bend the Line
Box Circulate
Box Counter Rotate
Box the Gnat
Brace Thru
California Twirl
Cast a Shadow
Cast Off 3/4
Centers In
Chain Down the Line
Chain Reaction
Chase Right
Clover and ...
Column Circulate
Couple Numbers
Couples Circulate
Couples Hinge
Couples Trade
Courtesy Turn
Cross Over Circulate
Cross Run
Cross Trail Thru
Cut the Diamond
Cut the Hourglass
Cycle and Wheel
Diamond Circulate
Dixie Grand
Dixie Style to a Wave
Dosado to a Wave
Double Pass Thru
Double Star Thru
Ends Bend
Explode and ...
Explode the Line
Explode the Wave
Fan the Top
Ferris Wheel
Flip the Diamond
Flip the Hourglass
Follow Your Neighbor
fractional Tops
Grand Square
Grand Swing Thru
Half Sashay
Half Tag
Hourglass Circulate
Horseshoe Turn
In Roll Circulate
Ladies Chain
Ladies In Men Sashay
Left Swing Thru
Linear Cycle
Load the Boat
Out Roll Circulate
Pair Off
Partner Hinge
Partner Tag
Partner Trade
Pass and Roll
Pass In
Pass the Ocean
Pass the Sea
Pass Thru
Pass to the Center
Peel Off
Peel the Top
Ping Pong Circulate
Quarter In
Quarter Thru
Recycle (from a wave)
Recycle (from facing couples)
Right and Left Thru
Right Roll to a Wave
Scoot and Dodge
Scoot Back
Single Circle to a Wave
Single Wheel
Six by Two Acey Deucey
Slide Thru
Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears
Spin Chain the Gears
Spin Chain Thru
Spin the Top
Split Circulate
Split Counter Rotate
Split Square Thru
Square Chain Thru
Square Thru
Star Thru
Step and Slide
Step to a Wave
Swap Around
Sweep 1/4
Swing and Mix
Swing Thru
Tag the Line
Three-Quarter Tag
Touch 1/4
Track 2
Trade By
Trade Circulate
Trade the Wave
Transfer the Column
Triple Scoot
Triple Star Thru
Triple Trade
Turn and Deal
Turn Thru
U-Turn Back
Walk and Dodge
Weave the Ring
Wheel and Deal
Wheel Around
Wheel Thru

Dancer Identification

An explanation of many of the terms used to identify dancers, including those based on squared set positions, centers/ends, and positions within pairs. Intended primarily as a review for Advanced dancers and those starting to learn C-1, but also suitable for dancers learning Mainstream and Plus who want a more structured explanation than is provided in many beginner classes.

Guided Tour of A-1

A survey of the A-1 program, intended for Plus dancers considering taking an Advanced class, former A-1 dancers interested in sorting out how much they remember, and as a guide to other material for those interested in learning A-1 through self-study.

Counter Rotate

An introduction to Counter Rotate, with emphasis on the calls Box Counter Rotate and Split Counter Rotate but including an explanation of the principles which apply to more general cases, intended for dancers learning A-2 and C-1.


An introduction to what these calls mean, how they are used, and how to remember them, including an interactive exercise to help dancers memorize the names, intended for those learning A-2.

The GDP Language

An introduction to modern square dancing, starting from the beginning, and covering all of the calls of the SCVSDA General Dance Program. This presentation emphasizes square dancing as a language, with a vocabulary and grammatical rules that can be learned just like a foreign language or a programming language. (Note: Since GDP is a subset of Plus, this can also be used by anyone learning Plus who might benefit from this style of presentation.)

GDP Mainstream Calls

An introduction to the twelve calls from the Mainstream list that are included in the SCVSDA General Dance Program. Intended primarily for preview or review by students in a class that is teaching the GDP list, or for dancers who learned these calls previously but who are "rusty".

GDP for Mainstream Dancers

An introduction to the seven calls from the Plus list that are included in the SCVSDA General Dance Program. Intended primarily for dancers who have previous experience dancing Mainstream, but also potentially useful for students in a Plus class that has covered all of Mainstream but not yet all the Plus calls.

GDP for SSD Dancers

GDP and SSD are both "50 call" lists, and both are subsets of Plus, but they don't include the same "50 calls". However, dancers who have learned SSD will already know most of the calls used at a GDP dance, so a person who is already successfully dancing in an SSD group can become a GDP dancer relatively easily. There are only eleven calls in the GDP list that are not in the SSD list -- this tutorial introduces those calls.